Reliable Roulette Betting Strategies

While you may find hundreds or thousands of pages online with fool proof gambling methods, we can already tell you not to waste your time using these sham strategies.

There are no fool proof betting strategies, but there are strategies that can help push your odds of winning through the roof. Let’s look at two simple strategies that you can apply in Roulette.

The Martingale Strategy

The most popular of all online betting strategies, the Martingale is also very old. It started life in 18th century France and was refined over the years. Today this theory is used in a variety of fields of study.

The basic premise of the Martingale betting strategy is that whenever you lose a wager, you bet enough on your next bet that if you win, your won amount will cover your losses. While no betting strategy is fool proof, the Martingale strategy at least makes reasonable sense.

Some of the limitations of this wager strategy include the fact that it works best on even money bets. This means that Roulette’s Red/Black or Odd/Even wagers are the best places to make use of the Martingale. Secondly there is nothing stopping you from making consecutive losses until you are bankrupt.

Applying The Martingale Strategy

To make full use of the Martingale, players will need to first work out a budget for a game. You need to work out what your minimum wager amount will be. Sinceonline gambling casinos allow you to make very low wagers, it makes them the ideal place to use this strategy. Try and make the minimum wager you will be placing about 1% of your total wager amount you have on hand.

The reason you want to start so small is the fact that subsequent wagers will require you to double your staked wager when you wager and many tables have a maximum wager limit that you can easily reach if you run a number of losses in a row.

You start a game of Roulette by placing your wager on, for example, either red or black. Now if your wager is a win, you remain at your current wager level. If the wager is lost, then you double up your wager amount on the next wager. This will not only return your loss but make you a small profit.

The most important part is after your win. Players must now return to their original staked wager amount. This ensures that while your wins may be small, they will be consistent. Returning to your original wager amount prevents your losses from becoming insurmountable and blocking you from making a recovery.

Bet Like James Bond

The writer of James Bond, Ian Fleming has a personal betting strategy that he employs. It doesn’t have an official name so let’s just call it the James Bond strategy. This strategy requires a wager of 200.

What you do is your split 140 of your wager between 19 and 26 and 50 across 13 to 18 and finally 10 on 0. The only way to lose is if the numbers 1 to 12 come up. You either make a profit of 80, 100 or 160. Combining this betting strategy with the Martingale strategy can provide you with quite a reliable strategy for making a profit at online casino roulette.

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