4 Online Gambling Trends to Watch This Year

Since they first started to make waves across the gambling world, online casinos have moved from strength to strength. The platform has continually evolved and new innovations and technological advances have meant that online gambling has progressively become safer, easier, and more widespread. Many observers are eagerly watching the online casino space as an effective barometer for changes elsewhere.

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When the internet first emerged in the later 90’s, the gambling industry was one of the first to offer its services online. At the time, the concept was in its infancy and only a few of the relatively small number of computer owners with internet connections wanted to play. Since then, however, online gambling has embraced new technological advances and has been quick to find ways of incorporating them into their services.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is rapidly gaining attention and ground in the consumer electronics space. The technology has been given a significant boost in recent times by reductions in cost, making it affordable for consumers. Online casinos have been successful in bringing much of the casino experience into the digital space. Card, board, and slot games can all be played online in much the same way as their physical counterparts. With virtual reality, they are able to deliver the crucial missing piece, which is the feel of actually being inside a casino.


If you’ve heard of blockchain technology before, then it is almost certainly in the context of cryptocurrencies. However, you may or may not be aware that blockchain technology has a lot of potential uses beyond this. For casinos, blockchain technology has already been used as a means of auditing fairness. As awareness of blockchain grows among general computer users, it is likely that players will soon be able to use blockchain to verify, for example, the random number algorithm that casinos use.

E-sports Betting

Betting on sports matches has been popular for a very long time, and it’s not hard to see why. Sports are very popular anyway, with many spectators finding that adding in the excitement of a financial wager makes the games more intense to watch. Having a stake in the final outcome adds another layer to the experience for the spectator.

Now that e-sports are becoming more popular and gaining a wider audience, it is inevitable that they too will soon form an important aspect of online gambling.

More Mobile

Mobile devices are where the big money is for online casinos. A phone can go anywhere and can access a casino’s services at any time. Generally, if an online casino can function in a web browser on a computer, then it will work just as well on a smartphone. Given how important mobile platforms already are, it is hard to envisage a scenario where casinos don’t focus even more of their efforts on developing their mobile offerings.

As with any technology, there is always room for unexpected and unplanned developments. Online casinos could suddenly veer off in an entirely unexpected direction, however, as things stand now, the above four trends seem like safe bets over the next year, perhaps longer.

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